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General is a free auction place for buyers and sellers to come together and exchange cards.  This site also has a trading board for those who would rather trade than participate in auctions.  Our goal is to be a free, helpful resource to card collectors.  However we will in no way be responsible for, nor vouch for any user of this site.  In addition you use this site at your own risk.  Our intention is to provide a safe place for card collectors to exchange cards, however there is no way we can 100% guarantee this.  We hope you understand this policy and we encourage you to use your best judgment.  The developers of this site have provided a feedback forum so that users can give feedback about sellers or buyers. 
    In order to bid you must first become a member.  If you make a bid, you are required to pay that bid if you are the auction winner.  Do not bid unless you are willing to pay and before bidding please understand How2Bid.  Once you bid you can not remove or retract that bid!  Do not ask us to remove an accidental bid, we will not.  If you do not pay for auctions that you win, sellers can talk about you on our feedback forum.  Sellers can also say good things about you in the feedback forum.  In short, be careful, be responsible and know How2Bid.
    You must first become a member to sell an item.  When listing a non-reserve auction item you must sell it if there is a high bidder.  By placing a reserve on your auction item, you are required to sell the item only when the reserve is met.  When selling an item please describe the item fairly.  If you misrepresent yourself or your item, the bidders have the feedback forum at their disposal.  Please ship items as promised and be prompt.  It is better to have good things written about you in the feedback forum than bad things.  Be responsible.
   *Is this site really free?  Yes, however if you use this site for profit you are hereby put on the honor system to tell five card collectors about this site.  If our site traffic goes up, it benefits you and us!
    *By joining, members agree to all terms of use.

These terms may at any time be revised without notice.  
Have fun!



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